Pikas are tiny animals that look like hamsters. They have short, fat bodies and short legs. They have round ears and very short tails. Their feet are covered with fur. Their toe pads are bare. They have sharp, curved claws that help them to move quickly over rocks. Pikas live in mountainous regions in North America, Asia, and Europe.

Pikas are related to rabbits and hares. Pikas are sometimes called rock rabbits, or coneys. They are also known as whistling hares because they can be very noisy animals. They make shrill, barking sounds to warn other pikas that predators are near. Pikas have very good eyesight. They also hear very well. Their sharp senses enable them to spot predators and dive for cover into burrows or among rocks. Pikas have to watch out for weasels, hawks, eagles, and owls. Pikas have to be very quiet around weasels because they might just follow a pika into its burrow.

Pikas are diurnal. They are active during the day, especially during the morning and in the late afternoon. Pikas are vegetarians, or herbivores. They eat stems, leaves, grass, and moss. Pikas live in groups. They are territorial animals. They are protective of their areas. Pikas will keep other pikas from coming into their territory.

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