Playing at a Clip

Donald sighed. He was getting bored. He'd been hanging around in Mom's office for an hour now. He had a half day of school, and his mom still had to work a full day. So during her lunch hour, she ran to the school to get him and brought him back to her office.

At first, Donald colored on scrap paper. Then, he helped Mom by putting some labels on envelopes. That had taken about 30 minutes. After that, Mom had said, "Sweetie, I have to go to a meeting down the hall. Will you be able to occupy yourself here for a little while?"

"Sure, Mom. I'll figure out something."

Mom gave him a peck on the top of the head, grabbed a file folder, and headed out the door.

Donald sighed again and pulled out the drawer under the main surface of Mom's desk. He found a box of paper clips. Absentmindedly, he began to attach the paper clips together into a long string. Before long, he had a long chain and decided to measure it. He looked around the office and found a yard stick tucked by the back of a four-drawer file cabinet. Laying the chain out alongside the yard stick, he discovered that it was over four feet long!

Donald began to use his imagination. He pretended he was a hero in medieval times who had been imprisoned for defending his king. Invaders had attacked his country and he fought back, but they overcame him. He used the paper clip chain to attach himself to his mother's office chair.

A few minutes later, Mom returned to her office.

"How was your meeting, Mom?" Donald asked.

"Boring," Mom said with a grin. "What've you been doing?" she asked.

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