Pursuing Leif

Leif Eriksson Day

Reading Comprehension for October 9

Louise dropped her books on the dining room table and then she groaned as she sat down to work.

"What's the matter, Lou?" asked Dad as he walked by carrying a snack. "You have another one of those dreaded history projects again?" he said as he winked at her.

"That's not funny, Dad. You know how I hate anything to do with history. It's so boring!" Louise banged one of her books for emphasis.

"I guess it depends on your point of view and your attitude. Who is this report about?" asked Dad.

"It's about Viking explorers," said Louise, "especially Leif Eriksson. Can you believe that no one knows how to pronounce his name? It could have been Life, Leaf, or Layf. I'll call him Leaf."

"I always thought that the Vikings were really exciting to study," said Dad.

"Why exciting?" asked Louise curiously. "It's just a bunch of guys sailing around the ocean in wooden boats."

"You are missing the point," said Dad. "Imagine what it must have been like. They had no way to contact the people at home if they ran into trouble. If they were injured, they had to take care of it all by themselves. They had to take care of everything or face death."

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