"How's it going?" Daniel asked Andrew.

Andrew was diligently working on a jigsaw puzzle.

"I'm getting this corner done," Andrew said, not looking up.

Daniel, Andrew, and their family always seemed to have a puzzle going. They kept a card table set up in the living room. Visitors who came to the home were welcome to work on the puzzle for however long they wished. Andrew seemed to enjoy puzzles the most. He worked on them most often, it seemed.

Daniel loved the idea of an ongoing puzzle. There was something comforting about having a project that everyone in the family worked on when they could. Sometimes they worked on the puzzle together, gathered around the card table. Other times, one or two people worked on it while others relaxed in the room.

A few months ago, the family (and the occasional friend) had completed a wildlife puzzle. Mom had glazed the puzzle with puzzle glue and had it framed. It was now hanging in the hallway, a testament to teamwork.

The current puzzle was a picture of the ocean at sunrise. When finished, it would be beautiful. It was a challenging puzzle of 500 pieces. With so much of the ocean in the bottom half of the puzzle, many pieces looked alike. It took some work to find the ones that fit together. Andrew was currently working on that section.

Daniel sat down. "Can I help?"

Andrew answered without looking up. "Sure."

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