Ra, God of the Sun

Religion was important in the daily life of Egyptians. They worshiped many gods and goddesses. Ra (RAH) was the sun god. It was believed that he created the world. His name is also spelled Re. To the early Egyptians, the sun was the symbol of creation.

The Egyptians believed that Ra sailed across the sky every day in a golden boat. At sunset, Ra sailed into the underworld. Temples to honor Ra were obelisks, and the sun itself became part of the temple as it rose to the top of the obelisk. (An obelisk is a tall, slender stone pillar that has a square base and four sides that come to a point at the top like a pyramid.) In the daytime, Ra had the head of a hawk with a sun disk on top. At night, he had the head of a ram and the body and wings of a vulture.

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