Rags to Riches

Frances Hodgson Burnett was a well-known author. She was born on November 24, 1849. She was born in England. She had four brothers and sisters. Francis was the middle child. When she was four years old, her father died. Her mother tried to keep his business going but failed.

The Burnett family became poor. During this hard time, Frances turned to writing. She wrote her first poem when she was seven years old. To escape poverty, her mother sold her father's business. Her brother suggested that she move the family to the United States. The family moved to Tennessee.

Their situation did not improve after moving. Frances' mother died when Francis was eighteen. Frances was responsible for her brothers and sisters. She sent a story to an editor. She did not have enough money to mail her writing. She picked wild grapes and sold them to earn the money. Godey's Lady's Book published her story. It was a monthly magazine for women. She wrote five or six stories each month. She received ten dollars for each story. Frances was able to support her family.

In 1873, Frances married Dr. Burnett. Soon after that, they had their first child. They traveled to Paris, France. Their second son was born there. Frances also wrote her first novel. A few years later, they moved to Washington, D.C.

Frances continued to write novels. She became famous. She often gave parties. She dressed in the best clothes. Other women often talked about her. It was not common for women to have jobs other than being a wife and mother.

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