Rainy or Fair?

What will the weather be today? Will it be rainy? Will it be fair? Will it be stormy?

Weather is what it is like outside at any time.

Fair weather is the opposite of rainy weather. When the weather is fair, the sun is shining. When it is fair, it is not rainy or cloudy. The skies are clear blue.

When it is rainy, the sky is dark and gray. The sun is not shining brightly. Clouds fill the sky. Raindrops fall from the clouds. We might see a rainbow! Rainbows are made by the sun shining on water droplets in the air.

If it rains a lot, it can flood. A flood is when a large amount of water flows over land that is dry most of the time. Fields can be covered with water in a flood. Roads can be covered with water, too. Sometimes a flood even makes water get inside people's homes.

Sometimes when it rains, there is a storm. Lightning can strike! Thunder booms and cracks! Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Lightning is electricity that moves between clouds or from clouds to the ground. Lightning makes the air so hot that it explodes!

Temperature is a weather word. The temperature tells us in exact numbers how hot or how cold it is outside. Temperature is measured with a tool called a thermometer.

Another weather word is wind. Wind is just moving air. The wind speed tells how fast in numbers the wind is moving. Wind is caused by differences in temperatures of air masses. Warm air goes up. Cooler air sinks. This movement of air causes wind.

Have you ever been outside after a big rain when there are puddles on the sidewalks and roads? What happens to the puddles? After a day or two, they go away. Where do they go?

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