Reading a Menu

You are on a date. You have just arrived at a very nice restaurant. The hostess has seated you and handed you a menu. You open it and see that there is a lot of information there. You are feeling a little nervous. Relax- reading a menu is not that hard if you know some of the key words.

Most menus begin with appetizers. These are small portions of food that you eat before the main meal comes. There may be hot appetizers such as chicken wings, nachos, and soups. There may also be cold appetizers such as salads and raw vegetables. Each of these will be described on the menu.

If you are really hungry, you might want to have an appetizer while you wait for your meal to be served. Many times, people will share the appetizer. This is a way to save a little money. Or, if you're not that hungry, you might want to save your appetite for the main course.

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