Realistic Goals

"I have so many things I want to work on," Cathy said to herself, sighing. "I want to get more exercise. I'd like to learn another language. I'd like to learn how to cook and bake with more success, and I want to make a few new friends."

Cathy plopped down on the park bench. She was watching her little brother while her mom took part in an outdoor exercise class just a few yards away. Devon could never sit still (unless he was sleeping), so Cathy had taken him to the playground. While she watched him and noticed how easily he could run and climb, she began to remember some of her own goals for this year. She had to admit she hadn't reached many of them, and now it was the beginning of fall.

Devon climbed the ladder and went down the slide. "Yep," Cathy thought. "That's what happened with my goals. I climbed up the ladder of aspirations and am sliding down the ladder of frustration."

Cathy hadn't noticed that her friend Josie had walked up to her. Josie's mom also took the outdoor class, and sometimes Cathy and Josie talked while the moms worked out.

"Hi, there!" Josie said in a chipper voice.

"Hi, Josie."

"You look so you are really thinking. What's on your mind?"

"Oh, I'm thinking about how I've failed at so many personal goals this year."

"What do you mean?"

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