Relaxing Bath

"Ahhh..." Maryellen sighed as she sank down into the bubble bath. "This feels so good."

Maryellen had just completed a huge project for school. She had worked on it all during the winter break. She didn't feel like she'd had much of a vacation. She was part of her high school's first graduating class. They had been assigned a senior project. They had to pick something to build, direct, write, create, or research. She chose to put together a memory book about the school's first four years.

Maryellen had spent several weeks interviewing all the members of the senior class. She typed out her conversations. She took pictures of many of the school's activities. She also took pictures of the new building. She collected details about each teacher. She collected sample projects and papers from some of their classes. Then, during winter break, she put everything together. Today, she had shipped everything out to the publishing company. They would (hopefully) have the book back by early March. Maryellen was to do a presentation in early April. She hoped everything would get printed on time.

Well, there was nothing more to do now. Earlier today, Maryellen had bought some new bubble bath. She and her mom had gone shopping at the mall. They stopped in their favorite store, Bubbly Bath Works. That store had so many unique kinds of bubble bath. Maryellen had a hard time choosing one.

"Mom, which scent should I get?"

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