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Inside was a small white metal cupboard with a mirror in the door, the kind you see over the basin in old-fashioned bathrooms. You might suppose Omri would get another disappointment about this because the cupboard was fairly plain and, except for a shelf, completely empty, but oddly enough he was very pleased with it. He loved cupboards of any sort because of the fun of keeping things in them. He was not a very tidy boy in general, but he did like arranging things in cupboards and drawers and then opening them later and finding them just as he'd left them.~ Lynne Reid Banks The Indian in the Cupboard

The Indian in the Cupboard is one of Lynne Reid Banks's most popular books. It is a story about a boy named Omri who receives a cabinet for his birthday. He also receives a plastic Indian. His mother finds a key for the cabinet. Omri figures out that if he turns the key one time, the Indian comes to life. If he turns it a second time, the Indian returns to being a toy. Lynne Reid Banks used everyday things to create a fantasy story loved by many.

Lynne Reid Banks was born July 31, 1929. She was born in London, England. Lynne was an only child. She had to leave England during World War II. She moved to Canada.

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