Road Trip: Arizona Style!

Are you ready for a road trip? Then let's pack up the car with lots of water and get going. We're heading to Arizona. There is a lot to do in this desert state. We'll start in northern Arizona and work our way south.

The first stop is the Grand Canyon. This amazing wonder of the world will be a great place to start. We can gaze at the colorful canyon rocks and the Colorado River as it rushes below. Talk about a photo op! While in northern Arizona we could also visit Sedona. The red rocks there are stunning. If we still have time, let's swing by Petrified Forest National Park. It is full of colorful petrified wood. There are fossils there that are more than 200 million years old!

Next we'll head south. We can pick one of two routes. We could follow the Colorado River southwest. This river will take us from the Hoover Dam all the way to the Mexico border. We could just drive south through Phoenix. It is the capital city. There we can learn more about our 48th state. Did you know that Arizona became a part of the Union on February 14, 1912? So Arizonians get to celebrate their statehood and Valentine's Day at the same time!

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