Rock Collection

"One rock, two rock, red rock, blue rock," Jason sang to himself as he sorted through his rock collection. He could spend hours in his room, enjoying, sorting, cleaning, and preparing his treasures for display.

After a few minutes, Dad walked into the room. "Hey, buddy. What are you doing?"

"I'm organizing my collection," Jason said. "We are having a show and tell at school on Friday."

Dad sat on the edge of the bed. He scanned the table, observing the many rocks that Jason had accumulated.

"You've really come a long way since you started this a couple of years ago."

"Yes," Jason agreed. "It's helped that we've taken so many camping and hiking trips."

Dad leaned over and picked up a rock with a sparkly appearance. "Where did you get this one? It's very nice."

"That one came from our hike to Triple Tall Waterfall," Jason explained.

"Oh, yes, now I remember. That was a hard hike, but it was worth it. Do you remember standing at the bottom of the falls, letting the mist hit us?"

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