Roger Lancelyn Green

Roger (Gilbert) Lancelyn Green, British biographer and children's writer, is best known for his retelling of classical myths, legends, and fantasy stories. Besides his various retellings, he also wrote his own stories based on different myths and legends. In addition, Green wrote biographies on famous writers such as his friend, C.S. Lewis.

Roger Lancelyn Green was born on November 2, 1918, in Norwich, England. He grew up a sickly child, but not sick enough for it to be a threat to his life. Because he was often sick, Green spent much of his time reading. He enjoyed myths and legends of the past. He especially took pleasure in reading the works of Andrew Lang, a writer who retold fairy tales, myths, and legends in Victorian times. When Green was older, he studied the works of Lang while he attended Oxford University. Green became determined to follow the examples of Lang and write his own stories retelling fairy tales, myths, and legends.

After receiving his degree at Oxford, Green held many occupations and positions during his adult years. In addition to writing, Green was a part-time actor during the early 1940s. During the mid to late 1940s, he was Deputy Librarian of Merton College, Oxford, and was a William Nobel Research Fellow in English Literature at the University of Liverpool during the early 1950s. Throughout the mid to late 1960s, Green was a member of the Council of the University of Liverpool. An especially important and enjoyable experience was Green's time as a member of the Oxford literary group, the Inklings.

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