Roof Raising

The new house was coming along nicely. It was a big project. Kim's parents had started on this over a year ago. Even though they had hired a construction crew, the family was doing a lot of the work themselves. It was neat to see the progress every week on the house. Kim had been taking pictures all along, documenting the progress. Today the roof was going on!

Kim arrived early at the construction site, camera in hand. She had gotten a brand new camera for her birthday two months ago. Since then, she was able to get even better photos of the project. This camera had a fancy wide angle lens and a special lens for close-up shots as well.

"Good morning!" she said, waving to the crew.

"Hello, Kim," Brian, the foreman, said. "Going to take some more shots, huh?"

"Yes," Kim replied. "Are you guys working on the roof today?"

"That's the plan," Brian answered, wiping his already-sweating forehead with the sleeve of his shirt.

"Great. I'll stay out of the way and shoot from the sidelines," Kim said.

Brian climbed up the ladder toward the top of the second floor. Kim situated herself to the side, being careful to step over loose wood and nails. She began to take shots of the trusses being lifted by crane up to the roof line. These trusses had been pre-built in a factory about 50 miles away and then trucked to the site. It was cool to see them appear to be "flying" up to the top of the house.

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