Ryan Says, "Clean Water for All!"

Ryan Hreljac was born on May 31, 1991. When he was in first grade, his teacher talked about people in Africa. He learned that people had to walk a long way just to get water. Ryan could not believe it! He wanted to do something to help.

Ryan told his parents what he learned in school. He asked them for seventy dollars. He thought that was how much it cost to drill a well in a village. Ryan's parents said that he could do extra chores to earn the money. Four months later Ryan had earned the money.

Ryan took the money to a charity that builds wells in Africa. He found out that building a well costs two thousand dollars. Ryan said, "I'll just do more chores." In 1999, Ryan's hard work paid off. Ryan's first well was built at a school in a Ugandan village. Ryan actually visited Uganda. He saw his well in action.

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