Scrabble Week

Reading Comprehension for August 7

Beginning Scrabble players sometimes have trouble thinking of a word that they can make using any of the seven letters in their rack. Maybe they have all vowels. Maybe they have a "q" that they are saving for a "u." Maybe they have a "j," an "x," or a "z" that they are saving for its high point value, but no place to put it. It can be difficult for a beginner, but not for a Scrabble pro.

Scrabble pros know all kinds of words that the average person has never thought of. All vowels? No problem. There are words made entirely of vowels, if you know where to look. "Q" with no "u"? No problem. There are 16 words to choose from. "J," "x," or "z"? There are whole lists of good words to choose from.

Where do serious Scrabble players find these words? No, they're not in some secret source that only certain players know about. There are lists, plus all kinds of additional Scrabble information, available on the official, international Scrabble website.

You can find answers to your Scrabble questions there too. For example:

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