Secretary of State

The Department of State is part of our country's government. It is part of the executive branch. The head of this department is called the Secretary of State. This person is chosen by the president. The Senate has to agree with the president's decision. If this happens, then the person can take office. The Department of State was created by Congress in 1789. It is the senior executive department in the United States government.

The Department of State has many responsibilities. The Secretary of State has a big job. The Secretary of State is part of the president's cabinet. The Cabinet gives the president advice on issues that deal with their specific departments. The Secretary of State is the president's chief adviser on foreign affairs. This means that he or she gives the president advice on dealing with other countries. If there is a situation with a foreign country, the Department of State is involved. The Secretary of State negotiates with other countries. Negotiating is when both sides talk out a solution to a problem. They come to .....

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