Seeking Orion the Hunter

New Moon (Orion the Hunter)

Reading Comprehension for December 9

Stormie bundled up before stepping out the back door and into the night. Her breath appeared in small puffs of white vapor. Without the moon to light up the cloudless night sky, it seemed as if there were more stars than usual. Cold weather always seemed to make the stars twinkle more brightly too.

A cool breeze nipped at Stormie's nose. With her face tilted up, her eyes strained to find the constellations of the December sky in the Northern Hemisphere. Looking at what seemed like thousands of stars, Stormie found it hard to believe that there were only eighty-eight constellations altogether. Some of them were visible to people on the other side of the world and not to Stormie. No one could see all of them from one location, no matter where they stood. Just thinking about it nearly gave her a brain cramp!

The eighty-eight constellations are divided into eight families. Stormie giggled, sending another cloud of white vapor into the cold night air. She imagined the stars behaving as families do, rushing around in the morning before heading to work, school, and running multiple errands, and gathering around the supper table in the evening. The family that called Stormie to venture outside, shivering despite her warm coat, was the Orion family. All the constellations in that family could be seen from the United States. The trick was figuring out which - out of all those stars - were the ones to play connect-the-dots with and discover the correct constellation.

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