Sergeant Molly

Sergeant Molly

Reading Comprehension for January 27

It was not an easy day to be a soldier. It was late June in Monmouth, New Jersey. The sun was hot. Musket balls winged through the air. Cannons blasted again and again.

Smoke from the big guns hung over the battlefield. Through the haze, officers rode back and forth on their horses. "Hold that line, men! Steady now!" General Washington was there, urging his troops on. The U.S. troops fought hard.

Men lay here and there on the field. Some were wounded. Some had collapsed from the heat. A woman in long skirts moved among the soldiers. She knelt here and there, touching a pitcher of water to the lips of those who had fallen. Most didn't know her real name. They called her "Molly Pitcher" because of the cool water she brought.

"Molly Pitcher" had followed her husband into battle. She knew the colonists had to stand up against the British. She helped in any way she could. She bound up wounds. She took care of those who were hurt. All morning, she brought water to the thirsty soldiers.

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