Show and Tell Rules

On the first day of school, Ms. Brisk breezed into the fifth grade classroom like a gale force wind. Her bright purple dress got everyone's attention, and her lavender bangle earrings glittered in the rays of sun coming through the windows.

Ms. Brisk was popping with ideas that she wanted to try out on her new students. She had a fleeting image in her mind of standing on top of a tall mountain with her students as they felt the cold wind of inspiration and ate peppermint patties. Her latest idea was called liberty show and tell. Her students would have the freedom to bring in anything they wanted to for their presentations.

"I don't want you to be afraid to bring in unusual items for show and tell," she explained exuberantly to her class. "Please surprise me! There are no rules about show and tell!"

The class stared at her with wide-eyed shock. They found the concept of no rules to be both unbelievable and thrilling. No teacher had ever been that brave. They eagerly anticipated liberty show and tell.

The next day, Ms. Brisk invited the students to show their items. One girl named Tiffany brought her miniature herb garden. The tiny, tidy pots of innocent greenery made Ms. Brisk feel safe and secure.

The next student, whose name was Edgar, was a studious boy. When he went to the front of the room, Ms. Brisk did not anticipate anything unusual. He carefully brought his item out of a paper bag.

"Ewwww," said the class as they looked at the pair of crusty dentures.

"Edgar, where did you get those dentures?" asked Ms. Brisk.

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