Sneak Those Veggies In

The USDA knows that vegetables are important. That is why MyPlate, the USDA's nutrition guide, suggests that boys and girls ages nine to thirteen eat a lot of them. MyPlate suggests that girls eat a total of 14 cups of different veggies throughout the week. Boys, however, are supposed to consume even more. They should eat 17 1/2 cups. Thankfully, there are many types to eat and many ways to eat them. You can even be sneaky and hide veggies in some of your favorite foods. Here are a few ideas.

Did you know you can sneak spinach into a fruit smoothie? It's true. Toss some banana, berries, orange juice and yogurt into a blender. Then add one cup of spinach and blend it all together. The result will be a delicious and tasty drink. It will be green like spinach, but it will taste like fruit!

Do you love spaghetti? Why not volunteer to help make dinner. You can use a grater and shred zucchini or carrots into the tomato sauce. A cup of regular tomato sauce counts toward your weekly veggie servings. When you sneak extra veggies in to the pan, though, you get even more health benefits in each bite.

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