Snow Biking

Riding a bike may seem like a warm-weather activity to you. Riding a bike is relaxing and fun, even if a bug flies into your mouth once in a while. However, some people like the challenge of riding on snow or ice. Snow bikers or ice bikers are a rugged group of cyclists who love adventure and who don't mind the cold.

Snow bikers try it for different reasons. Some people take this winter sport to extreme levels of competition. In any case, snow bikers have to face some big challenges.

Bikers must be ready to face many kinds of terrain as they cycle during the winter months. The biggest risk to snow bikers is black ice. Black ice is a thin layer of ice over a road. It might seem safe, but experienced bikers have learned that if they try to put on their brakes while crossing black ice...SPLAT! Soon, they are sliding along the road or down the hill. Studded tires are the best equipment to help snow bikers roll safely across black ice.

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