Something Fishy

It was the best birthday present ever. Evelyn had always wanted an aquarium of her own. Her grandmother had enjoyed one for years. Evelyn loved watching the colorful fish swim back and forth. It was so relaxing.

Grandma had decided that Evelyn was old enough to take care of her own aquarium now. She had purchased a unique cube- shaped tank that could serve as a small table in Evelyn's room. Earlier in the year, Evelyn and her parents had worked together to redecorate her room. She had decided on a beach theme. This cubed aquarium would be a perfect addition.

Grandma came over on Saturday with all the equipment.

"Before you get any fish, we need to prepare and fill the aquarium," she explained.

They picked a spot in Evelyn's room in which to place the aquarium. "It will be there a long time," Grandma explained, "so be sure that is where you want it." They also made sure it was not in any direct sunlight. "That will keep algae from growing too much," Grandma said.

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