Special Goslings

"When can we get the goslings, Mom?" asked Sam. "What do you think they will be like?"

"Just hold on, Sam," said Mom. "The post office just called. We can go to the back door of the post office and pick them up now."

Mom and Sam hurried out to the car. It seemed to take forever to arrive. Sam almost pulled his mother by the hand up to the back door, where they pushed the buzzer.

"Here are your baby birds," said the lady from inside. "What are they? Are they ducklings?"

"These are goslings," said Mom. "They are baby geese. They are an endangered breed."

"I never knew any farm animals could be endangered. There are so many of them," said the lady from the post office.

"You might not think so," said Mom, "but these are. Thank you for letting us pick them up so quickly."

"What kind of geese are these again?" asked Sam once they had gotten in the car.

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