Even though they may not look like it, stingrays are a kind of fish. They have smooth, flat bodies. They have long, sharp tails. A stingray's flat body lets it burrow under the sand at the bottom of the ocean. It can hide and stay safe from danger. Its long, sharp tail helps the stingray defend itself. A stingray's body does not have bones. Its body is supported by cartilage. Cartilage is a hard, flexible material. People have cartilage in the tip of their noses.

Stingrays have two wide, triangular fins on either side of their bodies. They use their fins to move around. Some stingrays move their fins in waves. Their fins ripple as they glide through the water. Other stingrays flap their fins, just like a bird would flap its wings. Stingrays have eyes on top of their bodies. This helps them to see when they are moving through the water. Scientists do not think that stingrays use their eyes to hunt for food. A stingray uses special sensors on the bottom side .....

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