Strawberry Pickin' Time!

"Are we there yet?" Ryan asked his mother, tapping her on the shoulder from the back seat of the car.

Mrs. Tonash smiled. "You just asked that a few miles ago. Be patient. We're almost there."

Mr. and Mrs. Tonash, Ryan, and his brother Michael were on their way to Hopkins' Farm for their annual strawberry picking trip. They all loved strawberries. They enjoyed making jam and strawberry shortcake each spring after picking a big batch of the sweet, red fruit.

Hopkins' Farm was located about 25 miles from their home. There were other strawberry farms closer to their home, but they had become fond of Hopkins' Farm over the years. The family that owned the farm was a distant relative of the Tonashes, and the Hopkinses also created a fun experience for all their visitors. They didn't mind if people sampled the strawberries as they picked them; they offered hay rides through the fields, and they also had a petting zoo. Nearby was a little country restaurant that served the best hamburgers and fresh strawberry desserts. The Tonashes would always stop there for lunch after picking.

Finally, the sign for Hopkins' Farm appeared on the right side of the car.

"I saw it first!" yelled Michael. He and Ryan would always compete to see who saw the sign first. The winner got to select what field the family would pick from.

Mr. Tonash turned the car into a gravel driveway. Slowly, they bounced and crunched over the small rocks and sand as they made their way to the strawberry fields.

"I feel like sizzling popcorn," Ryan said.

"Yes," Michael agreed, "and I can't wait to pop out of this car!"

Soon they arrived at the entrance to the fields. Already, there were many people carrying green baskets into the rows and rows of bushy plants. Ryan and Michael ran to the farm stand.

"Hi, Mr. Hopkins!" they called out.

"Well, hello, boys. Back for your annual supply of strawberries?"

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