Swap Ideas Day

Swap Ideas Day

Reading Comprehension for September 10

On September 10, our class was participating in "Swap Ideas Day." Our teacher asked us to bring in two ideas related to each of the following topics:

Ideas about Handling Homework

Ideas about Getting Chores Done

Ideas about Getting Along with Others

I had spent a lot of time in my room the night before, trying hard to think of something. Eventually, a few ideas came to me. I wrote them down, and when everyone got to school, we put all our ideas in a bucket. The teacher began drawing them out and reading them to us. Here are some of the ideas we came up with:

Ideas About Handling Homework

-Do homework immediately after getting home.

-Have a special place to do homework, and keep it supplied with everything you need.

-Do some homework on the bus or in the car, like reading or studying.

-Keep a neat assignment notebook.

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