Sweet or Unsweet?

"Ahhh," Angie said as she licked her lips. "Gotta love iced tea on a hot day!"

Angie is an iced tea fanatic. I don't really see the appeal in it. I'd rather just drink cold water. But, Angie also grew up in the South, an area of the country where iced tea is just as popular as water. I'm from the North. We just don't drink as much of it there. Maybe that's because we live through some colder weather!

I remember the first time I went to visit Angie in the summer. That was the year after we moved away from each other. We used to live in the same town in Kansas. Then, Angie's dad and my mom got transferred for their jobs. Angie's family headed south to Georgia. Ours headed north to Wisconsin.

I really missed Angie, especially on those first few days of school in a new place. I kept my tears to myself, since I'm a more private person. Angie tried to jump into her new school with both feet and soon became popular. She's very outgoing. The South suits her "hospitable" ways. Even so, she missed me a lot, almost as much as I missed her.

Fortunately, our parents all remained friends and kept in touch via e-mail and instant messaging. Our moms shared with each other about how Angie and I missed each other. They decided to surprise us and arrange for me to go to Angie's house for two weeks in the summer. Each summer since, we've alternated which house we stay at.

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