Texting RULES!

Text messaging is a great way to keep in touch.
Some people claim we do it way too much.
But when you're in your room at home or in a private place
Texting can be lots of fun when you can't talk face to face.

Although texting is simple, there are still some rules that everyone should follow. They are texting etiquette rules.

* No one should be text messaging while they're driving a car. That's taking your communication needs just a bit too far.

* Always put your phone on vibrate when you're in a public place. No one wants to hear that beeping when you are in his or her space.

* Do not text while you are on the job or in a class. You must pay close attention if you intend to pass.

* Never text a friend while in conversation with another friend. It's downright rude, and it could bring your friendship to an end.

* Text messages also shouldn't be crass or rude or mean, and to stay out of trouble, always keep your language clean.

* Don't text when you are angry; you may say things you will regret. Give it a little time. You may forgive and then forget.

* Don't give bad news in a message. You need to do this face to face. If you can't be there in person, use the phone in any case.

* Texting can be fun. It can also be misunderstood. Keep your texting short and keep your intentions good.

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