Thanksgiving's Superhero: Sarah Hale

What if there was no such thing as Thanksgiving? What if there were no turkey, no football, and no parades? Believe it or not, Thanksgiving, as we know it, was almost lost! But thanks to a strong and persistent woman named Sarah Hale, this national holiday is celebrated each year.

Sarah Hale was born in Newport, New Hampshire, on October 24, 1788. When she was thirty-four, her husband died. His death made Sarah so sad that she wore black for the rest of her life. Becoming a widow meant that Sarah was left to raise five children all on her own. To make a living, Sarah began to write. She first published a book of poems. Then she wrote a novel. She soon became a magazine editor. Sarah kept writing even after she became an editor. She wrote books for children. She wrote novels. She also wrote letters. Sarah Hale wrote lots of letters! These thousands of letters helped to save Thanksgiving.

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