The Allowance Advance

Julie was sitting at the dinner table with her family. After everyone was finished but before anyone started to leave the table, Julie said, "Mom, Dad, can I ask you a favor?"

Mom said, "Sure, honey. What is it?"

Julie took a deep breath. "Can I please have my allowance for the next month now?"

Mom and Dad looked at each other. Julie's brother Tim said, "Oh, no. Not again."

Julie looked at Tim. "I didn't ask you," she said calmly. "Mom? Dad?"

Dad wiped his mouth with the napkin. He folded the napkin and carefully laid it beside his plate. "Julie, I don't want to say 'no,' but this is becoming a habit. It isn't a good habit to get into, borrowing money so you can spend it before it's really yours. Your mom and I are worried that you are not making good decisions about money."

"This time it's different, Dad," Julie said. "I don't want the money to buy something."

"Why do you want the money?" Mom asked.

Julie said, "I'd rather not tell you. But I have a really good reason."

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