The Bird Man

Bird Day

Reading Comprehension for January 5

Reece and his wife lived in the country with many birds. They had scrappy chickens, pretty peach doves, and round little quails. There were tropical colored pheasants, fantailed peacocks, and Reece's favorites: happy ducks that were brown, white, green, and even speckled! It was no wonder that Reece became known as the Bird Man!

During the day the Bird Man let the ducks splash and play in the fish pond. The chickens scratched at the ground, looking for bugs. It was a peaceful life, but danger lurked after dark. Owls, weasels, and wolves came out at night. They were hungry. A plump chicken could be snatched faster than you could say, "Cheep! Cheep!" How could Reece keep the birds safe?

Every day the Bird Man spent a lot of time with his feathered friends. He fed the birds. When he got out the buckets of grain and bird seed, the birds came running! They squawked and peeped and quacked and dove into their dinners! Sometimes Reece fed the birds lettuce or bread that the store was throwing away. People do not like wilted lettuce, but some birds love it!

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