The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat

The war was silly from the start. The birds and the beasts had an argument. The birds were proud of their wings. Flying was fun! The beasts were proud of their fur. Wearing fur coats kept them warm! Which was best, wings or fur? Soon feathers and fur were flying.

Stuck in the middle was Zac the Bat. Zac had wings with which to fly. He had fur to keep him warm. He wanted to fight, but he didn't know which team to join. To tell the truth, he wanted to be on the winning team. He did not care which side he joined as long as he joined the winners!

Zac hid in a tree and watched the battle. When the beasts seemed to be winning, he flew out and found a place in their midst. He fought some birds. It was fun to be winning!

When the beasts seemed to be losing the fight, Zac flew back to his tree and hid. He watched the battle. Yes, the birds had the upper hand. He flew out to join the birds. He fought some of the smaller beasts. It was fun to be on the winning side!

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