The Cheesiest Pizza Ever

Cheese Pizza Day

Reading Comprehension for September 5

"I'm bored," moaned Jean as she flopped into a kitchen chair and began kicking the table leg.

Mom stared at the offending foot for a moment before Jean got the message and stopped. Then she spoke.

"You can help me get started with supper if you want. I am going to try something new that I think you will like, a very cheesy pizza."

"That does sound good," Jean admitted, "but shouldn't we wait until it's closer to supper time?"

Mom shook her head. "Pizza crust is made from a kind of bread dough. It needs time to rise, so we have to start it a couple of hours before we want to eat. Why don't you wipe down the table while I assemble the ingredients?"

Mom opened the cabinet doors that hid the collection of mixing bowls and took out a large one. Then she chose two measuring cups. From the refrigerator she removed a bag of flour, a jar of grated parmesan cheese, and a jar of yeast. Then she also got out a container of sugar and put it all on the table.

"I think that's about everything except...oops! I forgot the oil," said Mom with a smile. "That dough would stick to everything without this. Now, let's start measuring."

Mom laid the handwritten recipe on the table for Jean to follow. She measured and poured four cups of flour into the metal mixing bowl. Then she added half a cup of sugar, a tablespoon of yeast, and a half cup of the grated parmesan cheese. Then she stirred all the dry ingredients together.

Mom put water in the kettle and started heating it.

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