The French and Indian War

After the 1600s, many countries claimed land in the New World. Spain claimed Florida and most of the land west of the Mississippi. This was called Louisiana. France claimed Canada and the land along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Britain claimed land along the entire eastern coast of North America, from Maine to South Carolina. Native Americans lived in all these places. They thought that the land belonged to everyone, just as the sky and the sun did. As colonists took over more and more land, some Indians grew angry.

War broke out between France and Britain. The war began in the colonies in 1754. It spread to Europe in 1756. The war lasted seven years. Britain won the war in 1763. A treaty between the two countries gave Britain France's land in Canada and to the west of the English colonies as far as the Mississippi River. Spain had helped France in the war. In the treaty, Spain had to give up Florida .....

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