The Mummy of King Tutankhamun

The sands of Egypt hid a secret tomb for more than three millennia. A man named Howard Carter wanted to find the tomb of a pharaoh of Egypt named Tutankhamun. Carter hunted for several years. Just when he was about to give up, he found it.

King Tutankhamun, better known to us today as "King Tut," was a pharaoh during the New Kingdom. He died around 1323 B.C. In 1922, the tomb was opened for the first time in three thousand years. It had not been looted by modern tomb raiders. When Carter found it, he first peeked through a hole punched through the tomb's wall. Someone asked, "Can you see anything?" Carter said, "Yes, wonderful things."

The treasures inside the boy king's tomb were described as "marvelous." His chariot waited near him to carry him to the afterlife. Also inside the tomb were lamps, beautiful furniture, musical instruments, and board games. There was a small chair the king had used when he was a child. The tomb held more than one hundred twenty items, including clothes, fans, and vases.

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