The Mysterious Double Life of Miss Fluffy

Old Mrs. Pansy lived all alone except for her wonderful white cat. Miss Fluffy had long, silky hair and a refined personality. Her finest feature, however, was her amazing eyes. One eye was turquoise blue. The other eye was topaz.

Mrs. Pansy took care of Miss Fluffy as if the feline creature were a child. The cat led an enchanting life. Miss Fluffy had her own pink satin pillow. She ate gourmet cat food. Miss Fluffy also had her own toy collection. When things got too quiet, Mrs. Pansy broke out the catnip. The stuff made Miss Fluffy go crazy. She would zip around the house like a crazy caffeinated kitten, which made Mrs. Pansy laugh.

There was only one problem with Miss Fluffy. She had the annoying habit of disappearing every once in a while. She would be gone for several days at a time. Of course, Mrs. Pansy worried about her pet. She wouldn't know what to do if she didn't have her soft friend to care for.

"Kitty, kitty," Mrs. Pansy called out her back door. Pots of red geraniums lined her back porch. Mrs. Pansy saw a white streak bolt by. Her hungry kitty had come home from a wild night on the town. She was looking for her breakfast.

Mrs. Pansy was happy when she saw Miss Fluffy. While Miss Fluffy ate her gourmet cat food, Mrs. Pansy made herself a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. She put salt and pepper on her eggs. She spread apple butter on her toast. Mrs. Pansy sat down to her hot meal. She spread the newspaper in front of her, put on her reading glasses, and began to read the paper.

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