The Mystery of the Missing Puppy

Yips and howls resounded throughout the kennel of the Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Waggon, the veterinarian, walked through the kennel to check on his patients. His favorite spot to visit was the room for mothers with new puppies. He slowly went into the room to check on the three new dog families that were resting in baskets around the room.

"Hello, my canine friends," said Dr. Waggon to the dogs. He walked over to a box of tiny, wiggling dachshund puppies.

"Good morning, Delilah! How are your pups?" asked Dr. Waggon as he scratched the mother's ear. The long red dog closed her eyes in appreciation.

Dr. Waggon then made his way over to a basketful of fluffy white bichon frise puppies. They were resting on a pink flannel blanket. They were tightly stuck together like blobs of cotton candy.

"Your canine family is almost ready to go home," said Dr. Waggon to Princess, the mother dog. Princess's tail went thump, thump, thump!

Dr. Waggon's pager went off, and he had to leave. He would come back later to check on his other patients. He answered his pager and learned that Princess's owner was in the lobby waiting to pick up her dogs. Dr. Waggon went out to meet her.

Princess's owner, Jackie, was dressed in a jazzy jeweled jacket covered with colorful butterflies. Her sleek, dark hair smoothly framed her face like a dollop of molasses. Ms. Jackie, as she liked to be called, gave an overall impression of being very shiny.

"Thank you, Dr. Waggon, for watching Princess. Are the puppies doing well?" she asked.

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