The Mystery of the Wild Thing in the Kitchen

The scream heard around the world, or at least around the neighborhood, happened at precisely 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Six-year-old Cheryl skipped down to the kitchen for breakfast and saw something strange. A mysterious creature peered at her with round black eyes. Cheryl screamed! She had never seen a wild thing in their kitchen before!

Cheryl flew up the stairs to her mother's room. "Mommy, wake up!" said Cheryl as she shook her mom's shoulder.

The tired woman turned over and sleepily looked at her excited child. She had planned on sleeping in a little bit later this weekend morning. Her golden blond hair spread over her blue pillowcase like streaks of morning sunlight. "Did you scream? What is wrong?" she asked.

"Mommy, there is a wild thing in the kitchen," said Cheryl. Her favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are, and she often referred to any creature as a wild thing. "The wild thing has a striped tail. I thought it was a cat, but it isn't," explained Cheryl.

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