The New Girl

Learn Russian Month

Reading Comprehension for March 6

"Children, next week we will have a new girl in our class," Mr. Ball said. "She is from St. Petersburg. Do you know where St. Petersburg is?"

The first graders looked at each other.

"I know! I know!" Brandon said. "I used to live in Florida, too!"

"No," Mr. Ball smiled. "There is a city named St. Petersburg in Florida. Nina is not from Florida, though."

"Is it in California?" Joe asked.

"No," Mr. Ball said. "It is not in California, either."

"Is it in the United States?" Emilia asked.

"No," Mr. Ball said. "It is not in the United States."

"Then where is it?" the children asked. "Show us where it is, please!"

Mr. Ball pulled down the map of the world.

"First, we will find the country. St. Petersburg is in Russia," he said.

"I see it!" Sarah said. "It is right there. It is in Asia." She pointed to Russia.

"Well, yes, it is in Asia, but it is in Europe, too," Mr. Ball said. "This part is in Europe and this part is in Asia."

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