The Play-Doh Hospital

The lime green dinosaur stood in a lush forest. He had pink scales and blue eyes. He had tiny yellow toenails. He had a little red mouth with edges that curved up in a prehistoric grin. Horace was a lovely Play-Doh creation!

"I really like this dinosaur," said Stan, as his stomach gurgled loudly. "But I am hungry. Let's go have lunch."

Ben, who was Stan's best friend, patted his long blue Play-Doh worm with no name. He would finish the worm after lunch. He did not want to eat Play-Doh trees for lunch. In fact, he was hoping that lunch was not green at all.

The boys ran to the kitchen. Ben was happy to see an orange lunch. The macaroni and cheese was gooey and yummy. The carrot sticks were crunchy and crispy. Tangy orange juice washed everything down well. Soon the boys went to work on their creatures once again.

"Oh no, Horace is cracking!" said Stan.

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