The Poinsettia Parade

Poinsettia Day

Reading Comprehension for December 12

"What time are we leaving?" Ann asked, jumping up and down with excitement.

"In about ten minutes," her mom answered. "You need to get a light jacket to wear. It's a bit cool today."

"Where are Dad and Ethan?" Ann asked, reaching into the closet to grab her jacket.

"They're out in the garage. Do you want to go tell them it's almost time to leave?" Mom replied, smiling at the excited little girl.

"Yes!" Ann exclaimed, running out the door to deliver her message. When she reached the garage, her dad and brother had just finished putting the lawn mower away.

"What are you doing?" Ann inquired, forgetting the reason for her visit.

"We were fixing the lawn mower," bragged Ethan. "It needed a new blade, and Dad let me help."

"Hmph," Ann grumbled, pouting at her older brother. "I helped Mom with breakfast this morning."

"We had cereal," Ethan snapped.

"Okay, enough," said Dad to the kids, reaching over to pick up his six-year-old daughter. "Why are you here?"

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