The Quiet King

Lions are called the king of beasts. These strong animals are known for their sharp teeth and claws and their loud roar. But did you know that lions can also be very quiet? In fact, that is the way they prefer to hunt.

Both lions' and lioness's bodies are made for hunting. This is a good thing, as they must hunt to survive. They have great hearing. This allows them to listen for prey that is close or far away. They have special teeth called canines. These help them hold down and eat their prey. Lions also have bigger eyes than any other animal that eats meat. These sharp eyes help them to see prey even when it is miles away.

Lions also have another, less prominent hunting tool - the pads on the bottom of their feet. These pads are a lot like tennis shoes. They soften each of the lion's steps. This allows the lion to walk in silence towards its prey. The pads soften each step and help the lion to sneak up on an unsuspecting animal. After sneaking up very .....

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