The Respiratory System

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Did you know that you take about twenty thousand breaths a day? That is your respiratory system hard at work. The respiratory system is made up of the nose, throat, voice box, windpipe, and lungs. Many other parts and muscles help to support it. Its main job is breathing, but the respiratory system also gives you the ability to speak.

Every time you take a breath, you are bringing oxygen from the air into your body. Every cell in your body needs oxygen to live. When you take a breath, air goes into your nose, down your throat, past your voice box, through your windpipe, and into your lungs. The air that we breathe is often filled with many things. Dust, pollen, dirt, and many other things can be floating in the air. Cilia, tiny hairs in the nose and other parts .....

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