The Rock Collection

Old Rock Day

Reading Comprehension for January 7

Todd could hardly contain his excitement. His best friend, Adam, was going to be coming over for a few hours. Todd planned to show him his rock collection. He had collected his rocks from all over the place.

"Todd, Adam's here," Todd's mother called.

Todd rushed to the front door and met his friend. "Hey, Adam, do you want to go up to my room and see my rock collection?" Todd asked.

"I guess," Adam said, his voice flat like he wasn't really interested.

They raced up the stairs with Todd slightly in the lead. He went straight to his book shelf and pulled out a big box. He set it down on top of his bed. Adam stood to one side as Todd opened the box. The light from the overhead light caused some of the stones to glitter while others were bright with color.

Adam's voice made an "ahh" sound as he looked over the collection. There was a clear, colored stone marked "quartz," and a shining black one labeled "coal."

"Wow," said Adam, "I didn't realize there were so many different rocks. These are really cool!"

"Yes, I know," said Todd. "I've been collecting a bunch of these for years. I still have more that I would like to get. See this one? It's called a tiger eye. Can you see why?"

"Yes. I see the black and gold striping. It really does look like it could be the eye of a tiger," said Adam.

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