The Wombat

Do you know the pudgy little animal in this picture? It's a wombat. Wombats live in Australia and Tasmania. They look a little like the black bears of North America, but smaller. They weigh from thirty to eighty pounds. They have fur. They walk on four short, sturdy legs. They have teeth like rodents. Their teeth keep growing all their lives.

They are not related to either bears or rodents, though. Instead, they are related to koalas. Like koalas, wombats are marsupials. Marsupials are a special group of mammals. They have pouches for their babies to live in.

Wombats are nocturnal. That means they are active at night. They eat plants. They like grasses, bark, and roots. They live in burrows in the ground. Their sharp claws make them good at digging. Tunnels connect different burrows. The tunnel system may be more than seventy feet long. If a predator tries to get .....

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