The Wooden Egg

Pecan Day

Reading Comprehension for March 25

Barry was at Drake's house. They were enjoying playing outside on a warm, spring day. Barry saw something in the grass under a tree. He picked it up. It was smooth. It looked like a wooden egg. He turned to Drake.

"What is this?" Barry asked. "Did your tree lay an egg? Will a baby tree hatch from this thing?"

Drake looked to see what Barry had found. A grin spread across his face. "That is an old pecan," he said. "It is a kind of nut."

"Really? Can I eat it?" Barry asked.

Drake shook his head. "My mother must have missed it last fall. She always gathers the nuts when they are ready." Drake took it and looked it over. "See, this nut is bad." He pointed to a small hole. "A bug drilled into the shell. It ate the nut inside a long time ago." He gave the pecan back to Barry.

Barry was sad. Still, the thing did look like an egg made of wood. "Can I keep this? I want to show it to my little sister."

"You can have it."

Barry tucked the nut into the pocket of his jeans. He kicked around in the grass to see if he could find more pecans.

"Hey!" Drake said. "I think Mom has some pecans in the house. Let's go ask her!"

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