Traveling - Make Your Travel Plans

People travel for many reasons. Some people travel for work. This kind of travel is called business travel. Others travel to new places so they can relax and have fun. This is called a vacation. People also travel to see family over the holidays. It is important to make travel plans before leaving on a trip. Thinking about the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions can help a person plan a trip.

1) WHO - Consider who will be going with you. Thinking about the favorites of everyone in your group will help make for a more enjoyable trip. Plan things to do that are fun for everyone, not just one person.

2) WHERE, WHEN, and HOW - Know where you will be going. Know how you will get there. Plan when you need to leave. Be sure you know when you need to be at the airport and where to go to board the plane if you are flying. Have good directions if you are driving so you do not get lost. You will want to get there as quickly and as safely as possible. Also have a plan for where you will be sleeping each night.

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