Trouble at Day Camp

National Pretty Is as Pretty Does Day

Reading Comprehension for August 2

Kelly and Marybeth sat with their group in the recreation center and waited for their counselor, Nichole.

"Kelly, Marybeth, Janette, Carol, and Sandra," called Miss Wright, the camp director.

The five girls got up from their seat and went forward.

"Good morning." Miss Wright greeted them.

"Good morning," the girls replied.

"I want to introduce you to Beth. She's our new camp counselor. You will be in her group now." Miss Wright turned and motioned to a stout, plain-looking teenager who walked over to the group.

Kelly leaned over and whispered in Marybeth's ear, "She's not Nichole, is she?"

"Well, she's not pretty like Nichole. But she has a bright smile. I'll bet she's as nice as Nichole."

"I bet she's not," said Kelly. "Miss Wright?"

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